Conversations in the Convent

from the divine and the sublime to the very, very funny (as overheard by the mouse in the corner)

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All that money

Sister A and Sister B are discussing at breakfast the salary of one of the Big 10 coaches.

Sister A: “$7 million is way too much for a coach’s salary!”

Sister B: “Well, you don’t know what he’s doing with that money.  I make 5 million for my teaching job, and I don’t see most of it.”

Strong stuff — July 12, 2016
Enunciate clearly — May 17, 2016

Enunciate clearly

Always be careful to enunciate when leaving a message on an answering machine.

Sr. Sarah checks the machine and hears this message from Sr. Mary Z. (who cares for elderly women): “Adelle has died, and I’m wondering if you could find a couple of guys to drag her into the woods.”

Sr. Sarah: !!!???

Sr. Sarah proceeds to call Sr. Mary Z. who clarifies: “No, a doe has died in our backyard and I need help getting it out of there.”

*=)) rolling on the floor


My corn tastes funny — September 16, 2015

My corn tastes funny

This did not happen in the house I live in, but not mentioning any names.

Overheard at dinner:

Sister #1:  “My corn tastes funny.  Does your corn taste funny?”

Sister #2: “It tastes fine to me.”

Sister #1: “Taste this,” grimacing.  “Taste my corn.”

Sister #2:  “I’ll take your corn.”

Scooping it onto her plate #1, spots something red.  “It’s my Colace*!”

*stool softener

Take-off and landing — August 17, 2015
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