Conversations in the Convent

from the divine and the sublime to the very, very funny (as overheard by the mouse in the corner)

At least you’re consistent — April 19, 2015

At least you’re consistent

Sister A, who is not at all very good with anything technological: “I tried to video tape the school talent show today.  I turned on the recorder, but didn’t realize you had to push another button.”

Sister B: “Well, at least you’re consistently Amish.”

It’s not Friday — March 29, 2015

It’s not Friday

Today is Sunday.  Two Sisters are discussing what time to leave for the airport tomorrow.  Sr. A says: “I like to leave early because it’s really hectic there on Fridays.”  Sr. B: “But do we need to leave that early?”  Sr. A: “Well, like I said, it’s really hectic there on Fridays.”  Sr. C interrupts gently: “Tomorrow is Monday.”

This is one of the reasons we live in community.

I’m not dead. — February 13, 2015
Huh? — February 12, 2015


I was checking our house calendar the other night and noticed that Sr. X was going to be doing something on a particular night.  It was a bit hard to read what she wrote.  After a quick glance, I asked her, “What are you doing on Thursday night? Homeland Security?!”  She patiently answered, “No, I’m running a session for the middle school kids on human sexuality.”


Sister Fruitcake — January 22, 2015

Sister Fruitcake

Three of us were sitting at the dinner table this evening.  Sister A was eating a piece of fruitcake that she had received at Christmas.  I asked her, “How’s the fruitcake?”  “Good,” she answered.  Sister B chimed in, “I’m doing fine, thank you.”

There’s one in every convent.

A new line of scented candle — January 4, 2015
What really matters — September 6, 2014

What really matters

So . . . last night all of our cars were broken into.  We don’t lock them, so it was an easy thing to do.  Stuff was thrown around all over the cars.  Nothing valuable was taken, because what is valuable to us are the rosaries, etc. that we might have in each car.  After the shock of it all, I loved some of the comments made as Sisters were putting things back together in each car.

Sister A: “I think they took $10 I had in the car for gas.  But they didn’t take the receipt!”  (We need receipts to document our spending for the IRS.)

Sister B: “They found my umbrella!  I have been looking for that for a long time.”

Always good to have a positive attitude.

Whispering — August 29, 2014


Sister A is making bread and has made a nice braid and is about to put it in the oven, but the braid is starting to come apart.  She calls out to Sister B: “What can I do to stop it breaking apart.”  Sister B leans over and pinches the braid back together.  Sister C says to Sister B: “What are you–some kind of bread whisperer?”

The popes and tomatoes II — August 23, 2014
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